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The URL-minder keeps track of one Web page, gif, or other resource at a time. It will not keep track of all the Web pages linked to the page you submit. A separate URL must be submitted for every distinct page you want the URL-minder to track for you. The URL-minder tracks the actual HTML markup, binary contents, or ascii contents of the URL you submit. If an HTML page includes a GIF or JPEG graphic, the URL-minder will inform you when the reference to the graphic changes. If you want to know when the actual content of a binary graphic file changes, you must submit the URL to the binary graphic itself. The URL-minder currently checks on your registered URL's at least once per week, and will inform you if it fails to retrieve your registered URL after trying twice.

We welcome and encourage comments and suggestions, and will be improving and enhancing the interface to the URL-minder over time.

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