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Re: The selling of bear gall-bladders.

Recently, I noticed an article regarding stiff penalties for selling bear gall bladders. This individual cannot hunt for life and received a $14000.00 fine payable to the courts and also $3500.00+ to MNR.

This brings serious concerns to me regarding the penalties that are given to drunk drivers.

I am a victim of a head on collision caused by a drunk driver that occurred on

March 10, 1990. I suffered a broken knee cap, pulled ligament and back injuries. I was hospitalized for 1 week, on crutches for 3 weeks and off work for 6 months, and lost my year in college.

I had to undergo physiotherapy for 4 months, now I suffer with osteoarthiritis in both knees, countless repeat surgeries on my knees. This summer alone I went through two knee surgeries which meant a loss in wages. This person who was drinking and driving when he hit me head on was permitted to drive 24 hours after the accident until we went to court in December of 1990. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail on weekends because he was employed and had a family, also he lost his license for 3 years. It's very upsetting when you hear of people getting stiff fines for killing an animal illegally and when someone gets behind the wheel drunk and kills a human or injures them for life, this person gets off with nothing.

It's no wonder there are so many who still drink and drive because where is the deterrent.

Once you commit this crime, your right to drive should be terminated for life and automatic jail sentence for at least 10 years = small price to pay for lifetime of suffering or loss of a loved one.

Meanwhile my condition will only worsen and the justice system has failed me along with countless victims of this hideous crime. If only people could walk in my shoes only then would they understand the severity of what's happened to me.

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